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Team Horizon
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee - Roorkee, India

Team Description

I am from the city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, India. Currently I am studying in IIT Roorkee, 2nd year Bachelors of Technology in Biotechnology. Being a member of Physics and Astronomy Section, I am spearheading a team of 8 students.

Plan for launch

We have laid out 12 launches over a time period of 3 years. Our first launch will be in April, 2018.

Why did you join?

It would be a great experience for all us near space enthusiasts to compete globally and benchmark our project as compared to the leaders in the field.

Team Members

  • Yash Kumar Singh
  • Divyansh Maheshwari
  • Shuvam Samadder
  • Dhruv Kalsotra
  • Vivek Kumar
  • Nidhi Sanwalia
  • Devanshu Saini