GSBC 2019 Announced! April 5-29, 2019.

Centro Astronómico de Caaguazu / Centro Educativo Inmaculada Concepción - Caaguazú, Paraguay
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Team Description

The ARAPY project intends to carry out aerospace explorations in different parts of Paraguay with the use of high-altitude balloon technology (HAB) and in the exploration process of sciences, scientific research and education.

Plan for launch

Capture high-altitude images with a 360-degree camera and a GoPro camera, measure atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity at different levels with the use of Arduino microcontrollers and analyze the reactions and subsequent consequences of exposure of native tree seeds at low temperature and pressure

Why did you join?

We join together because we would like to obtain and share experiences in this type of nearby space exploration and venture into Paraguay in this global challenge for the first time

Team Members

  • Lissette González Chumikar
  • Fiorella Domecq Crosta
  • Naye Adorno
  • Rodrigo Villalba
  • Mathías Ezequiel Gómez Florentin
  • Ricardo Peña
  • Yanina González
  • Micaela Benítez
  • Marcos Antonio Gonzalez Chamorro
  • Victor Monges
  • Blas Vega
  • Juan Carlos Frutos Bogado
  • Deisy López
  • Clara Belén Acosta Gómez
  • Oscar Matías González Chamorro