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The Collegiate Comet (UofW C)
The Collegiate at the University of Winnipeg - Winnipeg, Canada

Team Description

The Collegiate at the University of Winnipeg have come together to embark on a mission of discovery and data collection near space. We are located in central Canada and have bee inspired by many other Manitoba schools involved in the launch. We have teamed up with other network of schools learn what has worked back from their experiences. The high school students at the Collegiat Comet are being guided by 2 Instructors.

Plan for launch

This is our first launch and are hoping to be ready to launch in time. We are looking at collecting great photos and video with 1080p and 4k devices. We also are equiping our payload with sensors to collect various types of data.

Why did you join?

To share in the enjoyment of collecting data near space.

Team Members

  • Osaed Khan
  • Daniel Scherner