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MSU Denver High Altitude Roadrunners
Metropolitan State University of Denver - Denver , United States
Eoss 273 msu denver   cu boulder students and instructors

Team Description

MSU Denver has a dedicated class called Introduction to Space in which the students learn about space systems. As part of the class, in the Fall and Spring semesters we have been launching high altitude balloons since 2008. Our partner is Edge of Space Science. EOSS is a non profit, volunteer organization that provides the balloon logistics.

Plan for launch

On our 15 April 2018 flight we had 8 MSU Denver payloads and two University of Colorado-Boulder payloads. Our locally developed sensor packages included light, temperature,pressure, CO-Two, Ozone, and g-force measurements. A video camera is also included in the payloads. Each student team decides which sensors they will use.

Why did you join?

It's a way to expand my student's knowledge of the space environment and connect with other people with similar interests.

Team Members

  • Jose Lopez
  • Randy Owen