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Hurst, United States

Team Description

HABiTx consists of a small core team of software and hardware geeks local to North Texas. Each person is exploring an area of the challenge that best suits their interests. Radio communication, microcontroller programming, internet programming and presentation are all areas of emphasis for this launch.

Plan for launch

The payload will contain multiple HD cameras, APRS tracking, several sensors, and an Amateur Television transmitter for live video throughout the flight. The goal is to have all of the live telemetry and video plus ground team operations tied into a live stream on the internet. Our goal is to enable anyone in the world to come along for the ride while we cross the 100,000 foot mark.

Why did you join?

We were planning this hobby launch for spring 2019 already when we became aware of the challenge. We decided to join the challenge to support the event.

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/06/2019

Team Members

  • David Hargis