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CEFAST AeroSpace
Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG) - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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Team Description

CEFAST AeroSpace is a brazilian academic team from a Federal Center for Technological Education that aims to launch CubeSats and CanSats.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch a CubeSat 1U with a camera, a GPS (SPOT) and the following sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Barometer and Temperature.

Why did you join?

We join because we want to improve our skills in the aerospace area.


Team Launch Date: 05/04/2019

Team Members

  • CEFAST AeroSpace
  • Guilherme Moreira Pinheiro Rodrigues
  • Analieze Fernanda Ferreira
  • Robert Souza
  • Jennifer Vieira
  • Alvaro Amorim
  • Maria Eduarda Batista Porto
  • Rodrigo Gomes Moreira da Silva
  • Sinval de Deus Vieira Júnior
  • Sabrina Dias
  • Davi Emediato
  • Gabriel Romanízio
  • Jean Gabriel Teixeira
  • Sophia Cornélio
  • Bruno Ferreira
  • Raynner Carvalho
  • Christian Cantarino
  • Jeferson Chaves
  • Vitoria Mirella Pereira do Nascimento
  • Geraldo Magela Couto Oliveira
  • Luisa Medeiros