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Parkes Near Space Exploration Group
Parkes Christian School - Parkes, Australia

Team Description

We are a regional school in New South Wales, Australia. Our group comprise of 17 students from grades 7-12 and are led by Mr. Clarence Goh, a PhD candidate, Google Trainer and Innovator, specializing in OTH radars to monitor ionospheric backscatter.

Plan for launch

At the moment, the launch is planned for September and will follow all known conventional techniques including using the Arduino board for emergency termination based on GPS coordinates and altitude. We look forward to optimise these values to do more innovative work in the future including the launch or an orbital satellite from the HAB in the near future.

Why did you join?

We would like to involve students from all subjects in launching the balloon so that they skills can be well-utilised.

Team Members

  • Toby Field
  • Christopher Cox
  • Ayden Bradley
  • Clarence Goh
  • Joshua Barnard
  • William Ellis
  • Monique Cox
  • Brayden Varcoe