GSBC 2020 Announced! April 3-27, 2020.

The Vimana
Bengaluru, India

Team Description

The Vimana is an association of undergraduate students from various universities all over Bengaluru.We are a team of students who are dedicated to help the world with our ideas. The Vimana - High Altitude Balloon Team has already launched a Tethered Balloon in August 2019 with a payload containing temperature,humidity and pressure sensor.

Plan for launch

We are currently working on using helium/hydrogen balloons to conduct Distinguished Experiments at high altitudes (60k-100k feet), and low pressure & temperatures(-55 degree C) with longer flight time & endurance. Our novel idea requires tinkering with the standard High Altitude Weather Balloon such that we can increase its lifespan (which is currently only a few hours), and its durability (most of the present ones are use-and-throw).

Why did you join?

We are aiming at taking High Altitude Balloons to a futuristic level and exposing balloons to wide applications. GSBC is the right platform for budding teams like us.

Team Members

  • Sai Amogh
  • Kushal S L
  • Deepika Varshini R