GSBC 2020 is here! GSBC 2020 started April 3. Closing date of the window will depend on what happens with the coronovirus. At minimum, window is extended until December 1, 2020. You can send us submissions through your team page. Please stay safe and abide by local recommendations.

Space Cossacks
Kyiv, Ukraine
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Team Description

Hi everyone! We are Space Cossacks - a team of space enthusiasts from Kyiv, Ukraine. We are working on several projects connected with near-space exploration. High-altitude balloons launching is the key element for all of them, thus we are committing our efforts for making this activity on a regular basis. For more information, check our page on Facebook

Plan for launch

We are going to conduct a new launch in April and participate in the Global Space Balloon Challenge 2020!

Why did you join?

Because it is the most relevant challenge for our activities, we love space exploration and high-altitude balloons and what to be a part of the like-minded community.

Team Members

  • Alexander Lozinskiy
  • Nikolay Mironow
  • Dmytro Khmara
  • Bohdan Lysenko