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Students for the Exploration and Development of Space in Zimbabwe - Harare, Zimbabwe

Team Description

Our team has two students from local universities in Zimbabwe namely University of Zimbabwe and National University of Science and Technology. I am the National Point of Contact for Space Generation Advisory Council in Zimbabwe and the National chair person for Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Zimbabwe Chapter. My Colleague by the name of Shania Msipa is the vice president for SEDS UZ chapter. To our team we have William Pacey a hobbyist and a science fanatic

Plan for launch

We plan to launch our High Altitude Balloon which will mark the first launch by students in Zimbabwe and we hope to use this experience to teach students about space

Why did you join?

We want to use this experience to engage a lot of students in Zimbabwe and Africa to take up space related activities and show them how cool and exciting they are

Team Members

  • Tafadzwa Banga