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Project Helios
St. Andrews Academy - Paisley, United Kingdom

Team Description

Project Helios aims to make St. Andrews Academy the first High School in Scotland to launch an experiment into near space! Led by Lewis Campbell, the attempt of the launch is preceded by a six-week course of space-related STEM activities and Space Program-style tasks, to promote the amazing STEM opportunities available to students wishing to follow a career path in one of these sectors, as well as developing key leadership and management skills needed for all roles in life.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch a GoPro camera into Space to capture the stunning scenery of Scotland from a never-before seen viewpoint, coupled with an experiment that has been designed by the pupils that will bring back valuable data that could be potentially applied to real-life scientific advances in the future.

Why did you join?

As an ambitious first-time team, we saw it as sense to join a wonderful community of like-minded individuals, where we can join into something that we can actively work towards and take part in.

Team Members

  • Lewis Campbell