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Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Budapest, Hungary
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Team Description

Our team is formed under the Robotics and Embed Systems Department (LEGO Lab) of Simonyi Károly College of Advanced Studies. Most of our team members are students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and study different parts of elctrical and mechanical engineering. Our team is called the UPRA team and formed in 2013. UPRA is the name of our main development goal which is an Universal Platform for Robotics and Aerospace. Right now our main activity is high altitude ballooning.

Plan for launch

This flight will be the second test of our remote sensing payload, which is a multispectral camera collecting visible and near infra-red light information. During this mission the connection between the camera and the balloon platform will be tested as a preparation for image download in later missions. For the flight the very successful UPRA-MATeF POC capsule will be used which is a reliable, tested design with 100% recovery rate. There will be a control camera on board to film a 3D printed Vostok capsule with a LEGO Yuri Gagarin minifigure as a tribute to Gagarin's flight. The launch will take place on 13th of April which is the following day of The International Day of Human Space Flight and will be the closing event of Budapest Space Week:

Why did you join?

We would like to be part of the global ballooning society and make beneficial and rich connections with other balloonists

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/13/2019

Team Members

  • Janka Erdelyi
  • Tamás Kiss
  • Dániel Móna
  • Adam Raymond Toth
  • Marton Bognar
  • Zsofia Bodo
  • Bence Góczán
  • Levente Pápay
  • Márk Németh