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Team Auguste
Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Team Description

We are a bunch of physics and engineering friends and GSBC 2015 will be our first space balloon - named in honour of the first scientist to take a manned laboratory into the stratosphere! Whilst we are quite happy to stay on the ground we hope to capture a successful photograph.

Plan for launch

For the launch we are hoping for calm winds and that our balloon trajectory calculations prove correct....we are aiming for a dry landing.

Why did you join?

We signed up because (a) space balloons are frankly cool (b) we will be using our exploits to help promote science and engineering in the local community (c) we'd like to raise some money for charity and (d) it's an excuse to hang out in the garage and see if we can do it!

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/13/2015

Team Members

  • Nikki Wild
  • Chris Steer
  • Jez Boakes
  • Caroline Shenton-Taylor